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Goal 9: Industrialization, innovation and infrastructure

Build resilient infrastructure and promote sustainable industrialization and innovation

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More than 95 percent of the world has access to 3G or better mobile broadband.

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Economies with a diversified industrial sector and strong infrastructure sustained less damage and are experiencing faster recovery from the pandemic. The manufacturing sector’s recovery remains incomplete and uneven, but data show that higher-technology industries recovered faster and proved to be more resilient, pointing to the need to promote innovation and technology transfer in a way that benefits all countries.





of the world was within reach of a mobile broadband network of at least 3G.



people still do not have access to the internet.


of them are in the developing world.

Goal 9 seeks to bridge the technology gap, build resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industrialization and foster innovation. To realize these ambitions, we need to further invest in advanced technologies that can propel economic growth without generating carbon emissions. Intensified efforts are needed to expand mobile broadband coverage to the remaining 5 percent and connect those who don’t have internet access.

Digital Goals

Digitalization has become a fundamental force for change in this century. It is reshaping economies, government, and the very fabric of our communities – touching nearly every facet of our lives. And now countries are harnessing digital technology and innovation to accelerate progress towards achieving of the SDGs.

The 17 Goals — ranging widely from the eradicating poverty to cleaning up of our ocean to promoting gender equality — are all getting a boost from the latest in digital strategies.